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My pursuit in Photography and Fine Arts led me to Industrial Design.


Growing up in a manufacture influenced family, I was exposed to household decor products both technically and aesthetically. I found myself manipulating mediums such as working with materials and thinking about visuals to capture exquisite imaging. I see architecture, art, photography as the fuel of inspiration for my work. The idea of capturing beautiful imagery led me to design innovation.  



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At what point does industrial design influences and elevates our lives? I believe that is the territory of merging Experience Design and Industrial Design.





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I see myself as a supportive leader, determined to achieve ambitious gratification in generating future opportunities. Responsibility and consideration I view as vital in industrial design, and I aspire to become part of a team driving big picture thinking and future of innovation. 


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By embracing the idea of creating innovations in product design, branding strategy business thinking, user insight, and sophisticated concept, I approach to design to create a better experience.    



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I am an explorative and visionary experience narrator. I motivate and create innovations solutions in the home and environmental spaces with observant and analytical design thinking. Ultimately share a vision of inspiring and expressive experience with people, exploring a delightful, passionate, and innovative future.      








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