Influence and empower with your voice

A presentation tool that will give presenters full control and flexibility of your speech  



It should fit into most bags and be easy for the user to carry anywhere they go.



Should be so easy to navigate that it does not prevent from making good eye contact with audience.



Should require little to no extra work 

on the user’s part in regards to the traditional slide making process.


In control

We want our users to feel at ease, and in control of their situation.

Can public speaking truly be mastered, even with 10,000 hours of practice? 



Tell a powerful story, frame and engage with their audience. 


Is there a way we can make it easier for those who may not have experience or methods?




Easy access to presentation chapters. notes slides. 


Gestural control UI



Public speaking is something we all have to do at some point in our lives. Whether in casual, educational, or formal environment. However, overtaken by stage fright, anxiety, language barriers, or the fear of not being good enough, we are prevented from doing our best job.

Product details


Wireframe sequence


Design Feature


Power access to presentations


Overview interface allows users to see presentation as a whole, and access to chapters

The power of chapter interface allows users to have full control of presentation as they go, streamlining their thought process. 

UI feature


Influence and empower your voice