Create a destination that brings people together. 





  People come and go to destinations. The idea of intangible memories is the only thing left. Wind, intangible yet vivid.  


What is the physical representation of wind and destination? How does Ventus bring people together? 






Wind is a tangible substance yet invisible to our daily lives. What does an in allude to users the wind movement of the installation; bringing people in and out, and surrounds with openness and sociality?







On the surface of the Earth, wind consists of the bulk movement of air. from the design, by looking at how wind tunnel flows through objects such as human beings. the invisible quality of play, movement, and line start to come to life. 






How do flow and furniture function together in the aspect of bringng people together?











The swirling form takes inspiration from the wind tunnel, flow along the imaginative cylinder. Creating a surface and shelter that allows audiences to engage and move through the piece.






Although we cannot change the direction of the wind, However, I can adjust our sails to always reach the destination.




© Robert Cheng 2019